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2011. 1. 1
Happy New Year 2011 !!
Nepal has launched an attractive program Nepal Tourism Year 2011 from this new year day. Please find more details from
2010. 8. 3
The ceremony of Lumbini Project of UNESCO was done with Lumbini hotel Kasai. Lumbini does the project of protection and the excavation of ruins in which it cooperated with UNESCO after it is registered in World Heritage in 1997.
2010. 7. 27
The president of Asian Development Bank visited Lumbini. Asian Development Bank is cooperating in the development of Lumbini.
2010. 7.10
Lumbini entered the rainy season, too. Green of trees shines, the view that Himalayas are sometimes wonderful is seen after the rain, and there is goodness only at this time because rain brushes the dust that actually accumulated at the dry season though the rainy season of Nepal is called off-season sightseeing.
2010. 7. 1
It replaced the menu for the meal course to center on the summer vegetable.
2010. 6.15
The glowfly began to fly to Lumbini. Light dancing in a surrounding forest in the field is fantastic. Please come to see by all means ..competing of star and glowfly's light...
2010. 5.27
Buddha birth festivalwas grandly celebrated with Lumbini. There is a commendation to the priest person who contributed to the Buddhism of Nepal by a cultural Minister this year. It was commended by distinguished services that chairman Kasai of the owner of Lumbini hotel Kasai kept also offering lunch with Bhuddagaya in that every year.