Guest room type and charge

Sweet plan

There are 28 twin standard rooms and 2 suite rooms in Lumbini Hotel Kasai. We will be accepting any request from you.

Inside the Room

In suite room where it offers such a wide living room and separate type room, there will be plenty of family time with peaceful moment. And in Japanese style room, you will experience the precious time of silence and peace.

Inside the Room・Sweet plan

Room Rate



90m² square measure
Type: twin bed
Amenity: Bath Towel, Face Towel, Hair Dryer, Shampoo Rinse and Body Shampoo Room modern equipment: Air-Conditioner, Refrigerator, Japanese wash let

Service ・Option

All rates are excluded with 10% service charge and 13% VAT. Fees for Breakfast・Lunch・Dinner are separated from the Room Rate and if you wish to make a reservation for meals, please inform us at the time of reserving. Please click this icon to see the menu and price for Breakfast・Lunch・Dinner.
The Pic-up service to Bhairawa Airport will cost extra fees.